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Documents Accepted for Police Clearance Applications

  1. Original SAPS 91 (a) and SAPS Application Forms
  2. Copy of ID/Passport

Documents Rejected for Police Clearance Applications

  1. Copy of SAPS 91 (a) and SAPS Application Forms
  2. Unclear copy of ID/Passport

*The cost is calculated per application and not per person.

What does Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) mean and include?

This process entails the attainment of your police clearance certificate (pcc). It is necessary to attain when you are moving abroad for business or work purposes. The Criminal Record Centre to which we submit your application directly is the authority that issues this certificate. Firstly, at Road2Asia we require you to download both SAPS 91 (a) and SAPS Application Forms here.

Secondly, we then require you to have them completed at your nearest police station (Abroad or Locally). Furthermore, you also need to make the payment of R160.00 at the police station and attach your receipt.

Finally, you are required to courier both forms with your ID/Passport to Postnet Waterkloof assigned to Road2Asia (Embassy Documents) | | (064) 543 1187. We then submit your application directly to The Criminal Record Centre, given that we receive them before 10:00 (UTC+2). Furthermore, this service also includes FREE and SECURE Postnet to Postnet courier back to you (locally). The International Shipping cost is R900.00.

Why choose Road2Asia to apply on your behalf?

Being located near The Criminal Record Centre allow us to access the processing status of your documents and apply pressure to decrease waiting periods. Whereas local Police Stations only submit their applications once they have reached a total of 20 applicants.

Current waiting period (June 2022): 6 – 8 weeks

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 2 × 34.2 cm

SAPS Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management Centre


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