Why Road2Asia

At Road2Asia, we manage personal information with the highest level of security to ensure that we do not violate Act. No 4 of 2013. Protection Of Personal Information Act, 2013. Furthermore, we ensure the quickest turnaround time frames. Our professional team is always informed and up to date with the latest TEFL news and regulations in Asia. We offer express delivery services at the most affordable rates for international and local teachers.

Est. 1997

The origin of TEFL in Asia dates back to the latter half of the 19th Century, with the “Westernization Movement” started by Chinese Officials. With this movement came many e-commerce opportunities between Asia and other countries. As a result, Asian companies later established trading channels with European companies. The English language was required to assist with the communications involved in the process.

Being situated in Pretoria, central to all institutions, Road2Asia has built and nourished long-lasting relationships locally as well as internationally. With over 20 years of experience, your journey starts with us.

Criminal Background Check
Complete Authentication


At Road2Aia we authenticate all documents required to become a TEFL Teacher in Asia. We firstly commit ourselves to ensure that all South African TEFL Teachers board the plane with legitimate and legal documents. Secondly, we also ensure that your documents are always up to date with our auto-notification system. This allows for smooth holiday travels, family visits, and more relaxation time.

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